Lesson #9 - Understanding customer satisfaction
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Happy customers are the key to a healthy business. In the short term you may be able to get by with a dip in satisfaction but, in the long term, if you aren't satisfying your customers and delivering value to them, they aren't going to be around long.

When customers complete a Nickelled guide they are asked if they found the guide useful or not. If yes, satisfaction goes up. If no, satisfaction goes down. It's an important metric to follow. If customer satisfaction drops below 80% you may have a problem somewhere.

Here's some tips if that happens...

  • Check the guide, does it actually do what it says?

  • Check the feedback, when someone gives the thumbs down they can leave more feedback to help you understand what went wrong

  • Think about the flow you are offering guides in, is the customer trying to speak to a real person and all you're offering is a guide

If you really can't get to the bottom, get in touch. We'll be happy to help!
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