Lesson #10 - View guide dropoff
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If you've been keeping up with your lessons you should now have created some guides (maybe even embedded them) and be distributing them to your customers. One delightful benefit of Nickelled guides is you can see how far people are getting through your guides.

Guide drop off is a really useful stat. If your completion figures are low (less than 30% say) then it's time to delve into your guide drop off numbers.

If there is a significant drop off between steps (say 80% to 30%) then you may have a problem. You should look at the guide and work out why people might be leaving. It could be that the guide isn't relevant OR it could be because the user has solved their problem. In the latter case think about reducing the number of steps to only the essentials. In the former case think about improving the relevancy of the guide – is your guide actually taking people through the process it should be.
​View our guide to understand guide drop off

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