The Mission Dock is Nickelled's new drop-in JavaScript widget designed to dramatically accelerate the time it takes your users to reach success with your app, the Mission Dock improves user onboarding in your app from day 0.

The Mission Dock provides users with easy access to simple tutorials that shine light on the most important parts of your app’s experience. Implemented with a single line of Javascript code, the Mission Dock interface can be fully customized to ensure your users are guided along the right path to success.

As users progress towards their moment of success, the Mission Dock progresses with them, thanks to a simple status indicator that grows as users become more proficient. And once users have reached their goal, the Mission Dock intelligently disappears.

With the Mission Dock live, your business can track exactly how close each user is to reaching their goals.

Powerful Simplicity

  • The Mission Dock works on any website, with just a single line of code

  • Up to five full-length tutorials or help links can be offered to every user

  • Appearance and operation are easily customized to suit every business

  • Every user’s progress is saved automatically using session storage, and the Mission Dock intelligently disappears when a user has met their onboarding goals

  • Businesses can track individual and aggregate completion rates to improve the onboarding experience for their users

You can activate The Mission Dock from your Nickelled account.

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