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How are we different from our competitors?
How are we different from our competitors?
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Nickelled is blessed to have a few competitors in the world of interactive guides. However, we have the upper hand in a number of respects.

  • We can create guides with zero changes to your website, so you can get up and running with no IT changes. In practice what this means is that we truly put customer service teams in the driving seat. They are able to help their customers exactly as they need to.

  • Our guides can be used to show people behind logins without requiring them to login. This is super useful if you're showing a prospective customer your website or if your customer is using a different computer and can't remember their username or password.

  • We focus on keeping Nickelled as simple and as intuitive as possible. We'd go as far as saying we're the quickest and easiest way to create interactive guides for your website.

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