Yes, once you're on a subscription branding will be removed and you can run the guides on a custom domain or the Nickelled subdomain. To add a custom domain you can do the following:

1. Run guides on your companies domain **

Ask your tech team to add a DNS entry for the address you want to use e.g. CNAME DNS to

This should be a 5 minute job and we can provide support.

Once the DNS has been setup and resolving to our service (which can take up to 24h) you can configure the domain in Nickelled to be the default domain to run the guides on here:

Add (or whatever domain you chose) as the custom domain.

** SSL will be automatically provisioned for the domain you choose to use. If you have CAA DNS set up then please add as the issuer for the domain. More info here: 

2. Removing the Powered by Nickelled

This will happen automatically as part of the subscription.

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