So you want to get more views and help more of your users! You've come to the right place. Below should give you some ideas:


  1. Speak to customer success and product team. Get a list of the key functionality you want users to understand when joining your product

  2. Add links to your drip/onboarding emails

Customer support

  1. Check with your support team/tickets to make sure you have guides for common questions

  2. Add the guides to your FAQ pages. Nickelled provides widgets to help users know you have some visual support

Customer success

  1. Create guides for key functionality

  2. Schedule in-app messages/emails to automatically email messages based on user interaction

  3. Create a guide of the latest functionality you've launched for your product

  4. Send out an email to your user base to let them know about the latest changes

We'd be very happy helping you with this. Just reach out to your Nickelled contact or drop us an email

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