My satisfaction score doesn't make sense!

Satisfaction report or analytics

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Sometimes the satisfaction score might not make sense when you look at it within the context of the views.

e.g. You've had 2 views and the satisfaction is 66.67%

How the heck is that possible?! Worry not, there's logic to this.

The views are reported as unique views per day. So, although, in the simple example above it's possible for the users to have completed the guide multiple times and give different feedback so in this example we would have collected three pieces of feedback where one of the viewers changed their position on how useful the guide was e.g.

Viewer John completes the guide and found it useful

Viewer Jane completes the guide and didn't find it useful. Later she revisits the guide and this time reports that it is useful.

As you can see there are 2 unique viewers and we now have 3 pieces of feedback in the reporting.

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