The Mission Dock takes a NickelledMissionDockSettings object on initialization. 

window.NickelledSettings = {
    userId: XXXX,
    missionDock: {
       missionDockId: XXXX,
       optionalClose: true,
       inApp: false,
       startMinimized: false

missionDockId (Required)
The ID of your Mission Dock provided by Nickelled.

userId (Required)
A unique identifier for the user of your website. Typically this is the unique user ID that you use within your application.

optionalClose (Optional / boolean)
By default, users have to view all the guides in a Mission Dock before the Mission Dock will disappear. This is by design to improve overall conversion. However, by adding 'optionalClose: true', a button to dismiss the menu early will appear.

startMinimized (Optional / boolean)
By default, the Mission Dock will open expanded at the bottom of the page. This increases the usage of the guides when a user logs into your platform. There may be instances where you want the Mission Dock to start minimized so that it takes up less of the screen and the UI.

inApp (Optional / boolean - defaults to false)
By default the guides will open in a new window allowing your users to follow the guide along side carrying out the actions on your site. If you'd prefer to run the guides over your live site and keep the users in the app then you can set inApp to true and we will launch the guide on the onsite player.

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