Troubleshooting your first no-code guide
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If you have made a guide and it doesn't look quite right, try some of these
troubleshooting tips.

Fonts not displaying correctly

E.g. the font in the guide is different that the font used on your website.

  • Please make another guide for your website.

  • Ensure that your font files are not password protected.

  • If fonts are still displayed incorrectly, contact the Nickelled team with the name of the font that is missing.

Missing images

E.g. images are not appearing in the guide.

Steps not appearing in the correct position

E.g. a step is covering an important part of your user interface; or will not point correctly at an element.

  1. In Edit mode, reselect the desired element. (Tip: choosing the smaller blue box the better.)

  2. Drag the step to reposition it carefully.

  3. Click Save.

CSS is outdated

E.g. the CSS is for an older version of the website.

If all those tips don't work, please use the chat to get in contact with us.

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