How do I capture temporary pop-ups?

Popup items such as menus, menu items and javascript modals can be tricky to capture in guided tours. Here's how to do it. avatar
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To capture javascript items, you'll need to hit 'Add new page' often - doing this forces Nickelled to take a snapshot of the page as it is. So hit 'Add new page' when the menu is closed to capture the screen with the menu closed, and then open the menu, add the step, and hit 'Add new page' again. This will save the page with the menu open (even if hitting the button accidentally closes the menu, which sometimes it will).

A useful tip here is to use the keyboard shortcuts for the Chrome extension so that clicking on the page doesn't accidentally make the menu disappear. Pressing the alt-n keys will replicate clicking on the 'Add next page' button so you can do it without closing your menu.

Here's a video that demonstrates how to do it:

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