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Hosting on a private network
Hosting on a private network

Website behind a firewall or on a private network

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Sometimes you might want to create guides on a private network. For our guides to work correctly you'll need to grant our servers access to create the guide correctly. Ask your network administrators to whitelist the following IPs:
If your server is on a private network without giving us access you'll see that the website, images and styling won't load correctly when you view your guide.

*** Please note our IP address approach has recently changed ***

Nickelled runs multiple Kubernetes clusters to provide our very reliable service. One issue with this approach is that as the cluster scales up and down the nodes based on demand, which means the IP addresses used could change.

We have changed the clusters to use Gateway IPs/egresses which will route all our traffic to your systems via the above IPs. This will keep the IP addresses consistent, even as our systems automatically scale up and down.ย 

Reach out to our team at if you have any questions or need help.

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