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Does Nickelled store passwords or other sensitive details?
Does Nickelled store passwords or other sensitive details?
How we store sensitive information on web pages.
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Nickelled works by replicating pages and their content, before overlaying guide steps. 

However, we only replicate the web pages that a) have a guide step on or b) you have clicked 'Add next page' on. 

This means that unless you explicitly create a guide step on a password login page, that page and the associated password details won't be saved. To create a guide behind a password wall, simply log in as normal and begin the guide after you have logged in. This way, no login details will be saved to our servers.

In addition to this precaution, we also remove/rewrite all links on your pages, remove CSRF tokens and block the user from navigating to other areas of your application that aren't part of the guide.

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