Nickelled allows you to add custom code to your guides. An example integration might look like this:

<script src="" api-key="312412412sa" />

  var EventListener = function(eventName, callback) {
  if ( document.createEvent ) {
    document.addEventListener( eventName, callback, false );
  } else {
    // Listens for property change events and see if the property changing is the same as eventName
    document.documentElement.attachEvent( 'onpropertychange', function (e) {
      if ( e.propertyName  == eventName ) {

EventListener('guide:load', function() {
// Run Guide load related code

  window.nickelled.addCallback('end', function(){
    // Run more code once the guide ends


We're actively revising this so if you have any feedback or want to help us make integrations easier for you please let us know.

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