Image-based no-code guides

Upload a screenshot or an image and overlay guides

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Nickelled's powerful web based creation allows you to create guides based on images. You might want to do this if:

  • Your application isn't accessible from the internet

  • The application is a natively installed app (windows, ios, android)

  • You want to explain a process of something that isn't web based e.g. a document/form

To get started creating an image based guide:

  1. Enter your website, or any website e.g. to get into the creation area.

  2. Then when the site is loaded you can select "Upload image" from the cog menu instead. 

You can upload images to be either full screen or inset in the middle of the page with a border.

Once the image is uploaded we will have overlaid an invisible grid on the webpage, so that you can target different areas of the image with content.

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