When you're creating a launcher for your website, you can specify which pages the launchers are going to be displayed on. The launcher can be displayed on one or many pages and is managed using a simple rule based system:

Let's run through some examples on a fictitious web app (app.wayneenterprises.com)

1. Adding a Launcher that runs across the whole website:

You could select "Begins with" and "https://app.wayneenterprises.com"

2. Or let's imagine there's a dashboard page, where someone lands once they login, for example: https://app.wayneenterprises.com/dashboard.html

You could select "Ends with" and "dashboard.html"
You could select "Matches with" and "https://app.wayneenterprises.com/dashboard.html"

3. Or let's imagine they have a platform which lets companies generate lots of reports and save them https://app.wayneenterprises.com/reports/1 https://app.wayneenterprises.com/reports/2, https://app.wayneenterprises.com/reports/3 ... https://app.wayneenterprises.com/reports/n

Then you could select "Includes" and "/reports"

As you can see in the image above, you can use some combination of the above to add your launchers to multiple pages in one go. 

You can also easily change/remove the launcher from any page too.

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