Nickelled Launchers can be installed without making any changes to your site, providing you have access to a container tag solution such as Google Tag Manager. Here's how it works.

  1. Create a new Nickelled site for your container tag solution

2. Click Get Code Snippet to find your site ID (required for the next steps)

3. Add a new tag in Google Tag Manager. This is one of two tags and will hold the generic Nickelled JavaScript:

4. Paste in the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">

 (function() {

    var NickelledLaunchers = window.NickelledLaunchers = NickelledLaunchers||{setUser:function(u){this.userData=u}};


      var s,f;

      s = document.createElement("script");

      s.async = true;

      s.src = "";

      f = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];





5. Next, ensure that Google Tag Manager has a way to extract the user ID (and any other data you wish to pass into Nickelled) from your website. This is normally done by using a DataLayer variable (which needs to already be set up on your site).

In the following case, the website is already passing a DataLayer to Google Tag Manager, and the setup shown simply extracts that information and places it into a variable which we can use in the next step:

6. Add a new tag to pass Nickelled the user ID and app ID. Use the following code:


  appId: <<YOUR APP ID FROM STEP 2>>,



Next, ensure that in the Advanced tag settings, the first tag is set to launch before the second tag is (make it the 'set-up tag').

Finally, add a trigger to fire the second tag, which is normally when your DataLayer is detected (and so there is a userId to pass).

In our setup, this leaves the new tag looking like this:

With the above configuration, Google Tag Manager will listen for when a user Id is available, fire the Nickelled setup tag, and then fire the Nickelled user data tag.

Preview your setup if required, to make sure that tags are firing in the right order and the user ID is being set up as intended. You may also wish to pass in further variables.

One we're receiving data from your tag successfully, you'll see the site identifier turn from a red circle to a green dot in the Launchers section of the Nickelled dashboard:

Once it's working, you can proceed to set up your launchers from the Nickelled dashboard as normal.

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