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For the best and easiest Nickelled guide creation experience we recommend that your website/app adopts the following best practices.

Responsive websites

Responsive web design is the approach where a website is designed to adjust to the environment and device that is viewing the website. Often this means that the website will look different on a computer versus a mobile phone.

Your website should use CSS media queries to control the layout.
Your website should not use JavaScript to control the layout.



iFrames are inline HTML frames, they allow a web page to be displayed inside another web page.
โ€‹Your website should not use iFrames in critical areas (parts of the webpage you wish to capture in a guide).


Flash was an Adobe technology used to build games and web, mobile and desktop applications with rich graphics and animations. Flash is an outdated technology that is no longer supported by major web browsers.ย 

Your website should not use Flash.

Website assets

Website assets are the files which a user will download to view your website. These include images, video, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. When you make a Nickelled guide, Nickelled will replicate these files to build a replica of your website before adding the guide on top.

Your website should use fingerprinted / versioned assets (images, video, CSS, JS).
Your website should not use password protected assets.

(Note: your website can be behind a login but your assets should not be).

Private websites / applications

We are unable to support websites that are hosted offline or behind a private VPN.

Your website should be online.
Your website should not be running on a local or private network.


If your site follows these specs you're unlikely to experience any technical problems using Nickelled. If this all looks like a foreign language our team will be happy to talk to you to explain what this all means.

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