Taking Users Through Multiple Pages

How to use Nickelled Interactive Guides to show a user across multiple pages of your app.

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Often, you’ll want to progress your Interactive Guides along as the user completes their tasks.

For example, a user might start a flow on a form page. So you want them to complete the form page, hit submit, and then for the flow to continue on the next page.

Using Nickelled Interactive Guides, this is easy.

When we were creating our first Interactive Guide, you’ll have noticed this button (which we didn’t use) below the Bubble and Dialog buttons:

​This instructs Nickelled to continue the flow as soon as the user hits a new page. Let’s see how that works.

When we click the button, we can browse to the page where we want the guide to resume. Use the browser pane on the right to navigate to the page where you want your flow to pick up, and then hit ‘Use the current page’:

You’ll get a little confirmation of the URL pattern that will be matched:

Click done to continue.

Great! Our flow now has some page change logic in it:

When users leave the first page of our flow and land on this new page, the flow will resume.

From here, we can continue adding Bubbles onto the new page.

When we want the user to change pages again, we’ll simply chain another page change directive onto the Flow, using the same button:

Hopefully, this introduction has given you an idea of how you can use Page changes to display your flows throughout your user’s journey.

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