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Earlier, we created a simple two step Interactive Guide to place on your website.

Now, we’ll look at some advanced targeting and launch options - buckle up, because this is about to get SUPER useful!

Let’s start by thinking about how we’ll launch our new Interactive Guide.

By default, your flow will show for all users, all the time. But often, that’s not ideal - you’ll probably want to show it for some users, or new users, or only for the first time.

We’ll do that by clicking ‘Start flow’ in the flow editor to open up launch options:

​The first option on the next screen states where the flow will be triggered:

​The second states how many times it should be shown:

​Here, you can place a limit on the number of times it should be shown. You can also select whether the flow stops showing to a user once it’s been seen all the way through. If this isn’t selected, anybody who doesn’t complete the guide will keep seeing it (assuming it’s set to load an unlimited number of times).

You can also control WHO sees the flow by adding criteria to the audience:

​This requires that you set up our javascript to pass user information (such as user type, job role, paid or free, joined date, or any other user metadata).

You can find out more about how to set up the Nickelled javascript for this here.

Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to segment your launch options further. In this example, we’re launching the flow ONLY for people who have ‘test’ set to TRUE in their javascript snippet:

Hopefully you’ll see that by stacking variables you can define tight audiences to see each flow - for example, paid users who joined only after a certain date, or administrators only working in a certain team. It's super powerful - and it becomes even more so, once you start adding interactivity into your flows

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