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Creating Your First Interactive Guide
Creating Your First Interactive Guide

How to create your first guided tour using Nickelled Interactive Guides. avatar
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If you haven't already, make sure you've created your site and set up your javascript by following the instructions here.

Once you can see your site on your dashboard, click 'Make a new guide':

​Then, enter the URL where you want to create your guide and then select 'Interactive Guide':

​We'll load your site in a pane on the left, and our editor will be on the right.

Browse to the page where you want to start making your guide (you can browse in the left pane as you would normally) and click 'I'm there' once you're on your start page:

​Now for the fun stuff! Get started by adding your first Dialog to the page

​Enter the details of your Dialog on the left (you may want to welcome your user to your app, for example), and then click Done to save the first step of your flow!

​You'll see that the Dialog has appeared as a flow step. Next, we'll point at something on the page. Click 'Bubble':

​Fill out the pane on the left to set up your Bubble. Nickelled uses smart text matching - in this example, we wanted to point at the 'Remember me' element so we just typed 'remember' into the box and the bubble jumped to that location on the page:

​Click done when you're finished with your Bubble - and you've made your first two-step guided tour!

You can now click Next to save the flow:

Enter a name for your Flow and click Save Changes.

​In our next tutorial, we'll cover how to get that flow live on your site, as well some advanced configuration tactics which will help you make sure you're showing the right things at the right time. If you don't want to wait, read the guide here.

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