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Troubleshooting a Nickelled Interactive Guide installation (for developers)
Troubleshooting a Nickelled Interactive Guide installation (for developers)

A short guide for developers to help troubleshoot a Nickelled installation avatar
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Most errors with Nickelled Interactive Guides are related to triggering options or code installation.

Here's a quick guide on how to check that Nickelled has been installed correctly on your site.

1) Check that the Nickelled javascript is being loaded:

A correctly-installed Nickelled tag snippet will load the launchers-2.js file from our CDN. To determine whether this is happening, inspect the page you're trying to load the Nickelled Flow on, and ensure is appearing in the page sources:

2) Check that you're passing an app ID and user ID to Nickelled.

This is the most common reason Nickelled doesn't load properly on the page. You MUST pass us both the App ID and a User ID in your code snippet.

You can get your code snippet prefilled with your app ID at

However, you'll need to ensure you're passing a user ID through the code too. We have guides on how to do this for Google Tag Manager, Javascript SPAs and PHP installations.

To check that a username is being sent to Nickelled successfully, monitor XHR requests made when the Nickelled javascript is executed.

You'll need to open the 'Network' panel in the Developer Tools (you may need to refresh the page) and look for the request being made to Nickelled with the filename that matches your Nickelled app ID:

Open it up and scroll to the bottom of the 'Headers' section to check the request payload.

You should see that the outbound request includes both the app ID and a valid user ID:

Check that both are being sent as valid strings.

3) Check the response to determine what Nickelled is trying to load on the page

Finally, check the response of the XHR request to see whether Nickelled is returning data to show on the page:

If you've followed the steps above and you're still not seeing any content, contact us for further help with debugging your installation!

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