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Troubleshooting: Why isn’t my Interactive Guide step showing?
Troubleshooting: Why isn’t my Interactive Guide step showing? avatar
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Normally, this is caused by one of the following issues. Please ensure you check them all - if you’ve checked and none apply, contact our support team.

1. The guide step can’t find its element

If you’ve attached the Interactive Guide step to an element which isn’t showing up on the screen, it won’t show.

This most commonly happens when switching between mobile and desktop views, as mobile views often hide elements which show up on desktop. Ensure that the element you’ve attached the Interactive Guide to is visible on all screen sizes.

It may also happen if certain users have access to certain sections on the page (e.g. a box will appear for some user types or accounts, but not others).

2. The search conditions are incorrect

Verify that the text string you’re searching for is correct. Text strings are case sensitive.

If you’re using a CSS path, check that it’s correct.

3. A ‘wait for’ condition isn’t working properly

Check that your step doesn’t appear after a ‘wait for’ condition (for example, wait for a page change). If it is, you will need to verify that the exact conditions have been met in order for the step to show.

Contact us for further support if required!

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