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Show or hide the no-code guide satisfaction survey
Show or hide the no-code guide satisfaction survey
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A great feature of Nickelled is that you can learn what your users think of the guides they view.

After viewing a Nickelled guide, viewers are asked a simple question "Did you find this guide helpful?". Viewers are then able to answer with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.

We hope all viewers will answer with a thumbs up, but if they don't, we then ask them to give us more information.ย 

The thumbs up and down scores come together to form the satisfaction score that we report back onto your guides and should be used to improve your guides over time.
It's possible to hide this satisfaction survey from your users. Be aware that if you choose to hide the survey you will not be given a satisfaction score for your guide.

To hide the satisfaction survey from your guide, simply navigate to your guide, click 'Edit settings' and select the 'Hide' radio button on the 'Show satisfaction survey?' field.

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